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turn off your TV 10 years ago
man they were getting to the best part, he should have made this video longer
top kek 9 years ago
this guy sounds so pathetic
Awesome man 10 years ago
Yo where can I find this whole thing for free any1 please tell me
doppleganger 7 years ago
She looks exactly like Shavonne Sullivan from TMZ
treppo le gros connard 10 years ago
all girls are like that, not only czech!!
exchange rate 10 years ago
It is about 20 crowns = 1 american dollar
jojo 9 years ago
defrancesca gallardo is her name
wicky da redbull drunk 10 years ago
lmfao 10:28
Her name 10 years ago
Is defrancesca gallardo she used to be an escort at www czechcompanion com
ffffff 10 years ago
without condom ?