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toobig4granny 5 years ago
she was telling the camera man that she cannot take her son's big cock because it is too big for her and that her husband died a long time ago and she has not had sex in many years. Then when she tried to put her son's cock into her vagina it was too big for her and she had to try cooking oil to lube her up and even still it was hurting her pussy.
Anon 3 years ago
He was doing her a favor by stretching out her unused pussy with his big thick manly penis!
3 years ago
A son making some money to do with his old-aged mom the same a very great amount of sons do with their moms in secret private. I think there are many sons losing $!!!
Alex 2 years ago
Typical/traditional hungarian family! =))
Yes$ 6 years ago
Pretty good a bit 2 chatty ! Love old pus$y , 50 and over anytime !
Pig fucker 5 years ago
I️ wish this old bitch would shut the fuck up
Momma Nana 7 months ago
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3 years ago
Chevitas 10 months ago
Se párese a mi vecina Mirian Arlen
Que me la voy a coger en cuanto la vuelva a ver
3 years ago
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