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Jack Backster 5 years ago
Thought he would of done a GTA style at the end by running her over and take back his cash haha
#333 7 years ago
Cool vid, never kiss a hook, never know what cock has been there....
Horny cretin 3 years ago
Damn she is HOT
doogie 9 years ago
Soooo... he kissed a lot of dicks and sucked his own cum eeew never kiss the hook
Anonymous 2 years ago
Which Truckstop in czech Republic this at?
onemadman 8 years ago
I want to cum inside her
Needs $$$ 11 months ago
Have to pay the rent hubby out of work . trolling truck stops, rest areas, parks selling myself. sucking strangers cocks and getting fucked. The best is I get off swallowing thick loads of cum. Going home with the cash and my panties soaked with cum as it flows out of my pussy and ass. He is so proud of me
Missy H 6 years ago
6:35 Delicious
This is scripted 7 years ago
you do know this is scripted. they are not really hookers
leo 7 years ago
sexy stockin' wearin' bitch