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bob 8 years ago
"Everything will be alright, don't worry. We'll manage this together," he says, fondling her tits while she looks like she wants to cry. So good. It's so hard to find porn that really captures this side of prostitution.
someguy 5 years ago
Seeing this girl and how desperate she and her boyfriend is makes this so much more hot! dose that statement make me a bad person ? xD
Blue Bird 3 years ago
Her name Maaike i think
Gee 7 years ago
This girl will never forgive her partner for whoring her out like this and they will break up within a month. A friend of mine sold his sister to an Arab boy for him to fuck as much as he wanted for most of a weekend, she was up for it, said it had been really nice although she was fourteen, tight and very sore. They shared the 0 they got from the Arab. That was two years ago and now they can hardy look one another in the eye although they were lovers before.
xxkilerxx 6 years ago
i want her name
Common_sense 1 year ago
This is a scene ppl. If it offends
Y’all so much why did you click on it. I mean you get a preview before you get to this page. Y’all are morons!’
Elouis2000 6 years ago
not a real man. 10 years ago
I'd feel like dog shit if I knew this happened to someone I know
600 10 years ago
Anonymous 10 years ago
Hot Girl, but Guys are doing very stupid thing